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940-0024C clone

From D. Stimits

APCC 940-0024C clone diagram
Note The original 940-0024C diagram was contributed by Steve Draper.

940-0024E clone

Reported by Jonathan Laventhol

This cable is said to use the same wiring as 940-0024C clone.

940-0024C clone for Macs

From Miguel Howard

APCC 940-0024C clone cable for Macs


OmniGuard F6C***-RKM

From "Daniel"

A straight-through RS-232 cable (with pins 2-7 connected through) should work with the following models:

  • F6C110-RKM-2U

  • F6C150-RKM-2U

  • F6C230-RKM-2U

  • F6C320-RKM-3U

Belkin OmniGuard F6C***-RKM cable


Documents in this section are provided courtesy of Eaton.

MGE Office Protection Systems

The two first cables also applies to MGE UPS SYSTEMS.

DB9-DB9 cable (ref 66049)

This is the standard serial cable, used on most units.

DB9-DB9 cable

DB9-RJ45 cable

This cable is used on the more recent models, including Ellipse MAX, Protection Station, …

DB9-RJ45 cable

DB9-RJ12 cable

This cable is used on some older Ellipse models.

DB9-RJ12 cable

Powerware LanSafe

Powerware LanSafe cable


Just uses a normal serial cable, with pin 1-1 through to 9-9.

SOLA-330 cable

HP - Compaq

Older Compaq UPS Family

This cable can be used with the following models:

T700, T1000, T1500, T1500j, T700h, T1000h, T1500h, R1500, R1500j, R1500h, T2000, T2000j, T2400h, T2400h-NA, R3000 / R3000j, R3000h, R3000h-International, R3000h-NA, R6000h-NA, R6000i, R6000j.

UPS PC 9 pin connector

1 --------- 3
2 --------- 2
            4 -\
4 --------- 5   |
            6 -/
6 --------- 7

Contributed by Kjell Claesson and Arnaud Quette.


From Tripp-Lite, via Bryan Kolodziej

This cable (black 73-0844 cable) is used on various models, using the "Lan 2.2 interface" and the genericups driver (upstype=5).

73-0724 cable